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Eco Sprout

  • Website Branding & Website Development
  • Industry: landscaping (Decor)
  • Location: India
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Marketing turns inspiration into action, ideas into engagement, and brands into experiences.

EcoSprout is a start-up brand that aims to change the way home and offices are done up. Creating environmental awareness in adults and children alike, EcoSprout envisions to first educate their target audience through their website.  Ecosprout and BrewdMedia created the website to capture the brands voice in this design to allow them to publish blogs and articles and progress onto showcasing their product range over time.  

  • + Brand Development
  • + Ui Design
  • + Copywriting
  • + Front-End Development
  • + Custom Build
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Visual and typograpy hierarchy

At BrewdMedia we support the environment. Taking our commitment further with ecoSprout our designers focused on the primary objective, “Awareness”. The site had to be not just attractive but also easy to navigate and update regularly.

Font Style
  • Primary Font Poppins Bold
  • Secondary Font Poppins Semi bold
  • Body Font Just Amazing
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At BrewdMedia we design and develop websites for e-commerce brands, B2B brands and Consulting firms to showcase their expertise. Upgrade your website with the team with over 20+ years of experience at BrewdMedia. Let’s meet and Brew It New.

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